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- Investigative Journalism: AJC is known for its commitment to investigative journalism. It delves deep into important issues, uncovering hidden truths and holding those in power accountable. Through in-depth reporting, AJC sheds light on critical matters that impact society.
- Community Engagement: AJC actively engages with its readers and the community through various initiatives. It encourages public participation, provides platforms for discussions, and hosts events that foster communit

The AJC, or Atlanta Journal-Constitution, is a reputable and trusted source for news and information in the Atlanta area. With a history dating back to 1868, the AJC has established itself as a go-to source for breaking news, investigative journalism, and in-depth reporting on a variety of topics. The newspaper covers local, regional, national, and international news, as well as sports, entertainment, and lifestyle stories. The AJC's digital presence offers readers access to its content from anywhere in the world, through its website and mobile app. With a commitment to journalistic integrity and excellence, the AJC is a vital part of the Atlanta community and beyond.